“THE MIND BEHIND DOODLIGHT AND DRUMSTRING”, This is the title of an interview by Sara Stefanovic from Digital Nomads Lifestyle magazine with Mohamad Montazeri. It was published in 8th February 2021. I thank Sara very much for this interview. You can read it below and actually in DNL website (link below).

“Doodlight and Drumstring two curious inventions that make us think about the role of design in our society. Is there something that hasn’t been invented yet? We met Mohamad Montazeri, the mind behind Doodlight and DrumString to talk about his two inventions. Doodlight is a nifty lazer projector that takes digital drawings and projects onto your notebook to trace from. The Doodlight works via an app that allows you to compose your doodles before realizing them on paper. It is ideal for people who want to trace fonts, want to learn how to draw, or need help with geometry, art, or anything related to drawing, tracing, and plotting.
DrumString, on the other hand, is a musical instrument that looks like a hybrid between a Drum and a Guitar. Apart from the completely new sound, this musical instrument gives the chance to learn something like never before. DrumString has also been awarded the European Product Design Award 2019 (Bronze) and the A’ Design Award and Competition 2017-18 (Silver).

How would you define the word design?
I believe design means a purposeful process of creating value. There are two important factors in this definition. The first value is creation and the second is the purposefulness of the process. I believe that the most important human ability is that of creating, but it’s much better to create value. This can be the value of anything; from creating value to meet human needs to creating value to serve nature. It can be physical and tangible, or it can be service and behavior and intangible. It is also important that this creation process is purposeful and intelligent.
Sometimes it is possible to create a magnificent work by following metaphysical and emotional paths, which will be immortalized forever. But the point is that such works have no place in the world of design and only find their place in pure arts such as painting, music and literary works. In design, the creation process must be purposeful. It must be able to be analyzed and then modified and improved. So it has to be standard and move away from the transcendental world and go through a more real and logical process.

What is your life-goal?
I have many goals that are sometimes parallel to each other and sometimes consecutive and complementary. But in general, my most important goal can be to reach a level in design where (without any boundaries) I can be effective in beautifying the world with the products I design.

How did you come up with Doodlight?
Doodlight arises from a sense of need. Needing a guide to write more easily and flawlessly. As a designer, I always have a curious view toward everything. I find problems and needs during the day. This process has become subconscious for me and my mind always does this automatically. Next step: I try to study the problems and feelings of the discovered needs and find an answer to them. Sometimes this process is very fast and results in a solution and sometimes it is very tedious and long. The original Doodlight idea cane in the same way. This product helps to put what you have in your mind on paper easily and with the same quality.

Will it be available soon?
I am currently upgrading the Doodlight concept so that I can mass-produce it at a reasonable price. Research on it is ongoing. Unfortunately, the Covid19 pandemic has slowed down the process drastically. Because I am working in several technical sections with several engineers in different and distant countries, and this slows down the process a bit during this period. So in answer to this question, I cannot say the exact time but all the effort is to make it available to everyone.

What about the drums/guitar? Are you a musician?
The name of this instrument I invented is DrumString. Yes, I play several instruments, including violin, cello, and mandolin, and I also compose and record the songs I write. That’s why I was able to invent DrumString. DrumString’s invention and design stemmed from my need to play and produce a different sound from the instrument. Of all the projects I have had so far, the invention of DrumString has been one of the most time consuming and costly processes of my research and design, and today I look at it with great satisfaction.

In your opinion, is there something that hasn’t been invented yet?
An interesting question… My answer is: definitely Yes. I love and welcome new challenges. Any kind of challenge is fascinating and exciting to me. Inventions are challenging, there are products that we did not even think about until yesterday, but today they are in our homes and our hands. Imagine how many people in the world think so? Each of them can be a potentially important inventor.
I believe there are still many things we have not been able to discover. Accordingly, I believe that many human inventions have not yet occurred, and in the future, we will see very large and even unimaginable inventions. They will be all invented by inventors and designers who follow this mindset: I’m not satisfied with the current situation, so I’m constantly looking for inventions and designs that can improve it.”

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